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Stockley Park has excellent air, road and rail connections. Click on the locations above or modes of travel below for live travel information and help planning your journey.

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Stockley Park Travel Services


Stockley Park is delighted to partner with easit to create easitSTOCKLEY-PARK, a sustainable transport initiative designed to influence commuting travel behaviour by delivering sustainable transport options to staff for their everyday and business journeys; reducing car travel can save people money, increase their level of physical activity and help to reduce congestion and carbon emissions. Membership is FREE to all tenants based on Stockley Park! Select www.easit.org.uk/easitstockley-park website.

easitSHARE is a new Stockley Park initiative designed to link individuals with others making the same journey! Please visit www.easit.org.uk/easitstockley-park for more information.

Further information can be obtained by email to info@easit.org.uk

Heathrow Transit

The A10 Heathrow Fast service is a dedicated frequent bus link from Heathrow Airport to Stockley Park taking 10 minutes from Heathrow’s Central Bus Station, then continuing on to Uxbridge Tube Station.

In addition the 350 service leaves from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Stockley Park before continuing to Hayes and Harlington Station.

Taxi ranks can be found at Terminal 2 – ground floor outside of the arrivals hall, opposite bus stop 12, Terminal 3 – adjacent to Cromer Road West, next to bus stops 16-22, Terminal 4 – located outside arrivals between the travel/help information point and Costa, and Terminal 5 – outside arrivals hall, opposite bus stops 10-12.

Shuttle Bus

easitSTOCKLEY PARK members are able to travel for free on the easitSTOCKLEY PARK Shuttle Bus and Lunchtime Shopper by simply downloading the iOS or Android Chariot app, booking your seat and boarding the shuttle bus.

Routes include Hayes and Harlington stations to Stockley Park (06:30-09:30), a lunchtime service from 12:00 and Stockley Park to Hayes and Harlington stations (16:00-19:00).

From Monday 3 December, easitSTOCKLEY PARK members will require a valid easitCARD to use this service. To order an easitCARD, register or login to your easitACCOUNT www.easit.org.uk using your work email address and follow instructions. If you do not have a work email address, please contact info@easit.org.uk. Once registered and for more information, click the ‘YOUR DISCOUNTS’ button on your profile page and select the easitSHUTTLE BUS or Lunchtime Shopper button for how to access/use the Chariot App.

Stockley Park Webcam

Live Traffic Cameras

Live traffic information can be viewed via the links below.

Traffic England from Highways England monitors the major routes around Stockley Park.

Transport for London JamCams monitors other routes around Heathrow and east into London.