Acres of parkland and innovative landscaping

Stockley Park is a great place to work, play…and walk. Acres of parkland and innovative landscaping provide the backdrop for a restful and ‘green’ environment for those wishing to take a break from the pressures of work.

Stockley Park is easily accessible for pedestrians and by public transport. Besides the relaxed outdoor environment of parklands, lakes and landscaped areas containing about 140,000 trees and shrubs, a golf club together with leisure and social facilities in The Arena amount to a work experience that is quite unlike any other.

Please note the Country Park is maintained by the Stockley Park Golf Club on behalf of the London Borough of Hillingdon, and not Stockley Park Estates Company Ltd. Contact the Stockley Park Golf Club on 020 8813 5700 for information relating to the Country Park.

On the business park itself, the landscape plays a vital role in establishing the framework for the development. The park mirrors the first formal gardens created by Sir John Bennet in the 17th century. An avenue of lime trees runs through the business park, providing an attractive colonnade. Other trees and shrubs have been planted to create specific focal points on a grand scale. The lakes are not only an attractive feature but help to regulate surface and groundwater. All of the buildings on the Park have been designed to relate to their unique setting, so that they are part of the landscape, rather than being imposed upon it.



The natural setting of Stockley Park has attracted many varieties of birds over the years. There are some 47 different species are either permanent or occasional residents. The birds that attract the most attention are the swans, but there are also several species of geese. There are numerous ducks including Mallards, Aylesburys, Red Crested Pochards, Coots and Moorhens.

The lakes are stocked with Koi Carp, Golden Orf and Gold Fish, as well as many types of common fish.